10 Jan

I really need to remember that I want to write daily instead of sometimes.



3 Jan

I guess it’s time for me to start over.  I even have a list of the things I need to start over with.

  1. New job – I need one.
  2. Weight loss – I need to do this.
  3. Blogging – I need to post.
  4. Writing – I need to do it.
  5. Cleaning – I’ll throw this one in there because my sink is full and my bed is unmade.


I’m behind but it’s time to get busy.  I’ve been tracking my food for a few days and in a bit I’m going to work out.  My laptop is down temporarily so I can’t write yet but I will soon.


I promise I’ll post more soon.  I need to get that bed made and those dishes done and get walking away those pounds before I decide it’s a better idea to climb in bed and stay there until spring.

Wow I’m a real slacker

20 Dec

I can update my blog from my phone with voice chat.  People are in a world of trouble now

Holy Canoli

11 Oct

After month’s I’ve finally regained access to my blog.  Nothing worthwhile to report.  I left my job at home after almost 8 years and reentered the work force.  It’s not nearly as stimulating to do what I’m doing now but it’s definitely interesting.  I actually talk to real people and most of them have a sense of humor.  I am hoping to get back to regular blogging.  Hopefully when I’m not sitting at my desk falling asleep as I am at this moment.

Beth Revis contest

14 Mar

I’m late – almost a review

21 Jan

I’m currently picturing myself as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – the Disney version.  I’m running around late for my very important date.  I spent all day thinking I was forgetting something and OOPS I did.

Today is the day to review my choice for Book Hungry.  I chose this book based on a movie trailer for the film adaptation starring Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightly and that other girl who is so adorable but I keep forgetting her name, she’s in the second Wall Street movie.  The movie trailer looks fabulous and I hope to see that one day.  The book, however, was bad.  I barely made it to page 30 after 4 days of reading.  I’d pick it up and hope it was better but read a couple of pages and walk away.

I hate that this book is the one I chose for these women to read.  I was told it was brave of me to choose a book I’d never read.  Next time I promise that won’t be the case.

Instead of reading January’s book I read February’s and I can’t wait to post that review for you all.

1000 days

29 Dec

If you count today as day 1 and my 35th birthday as the end you come up with 1000 days.

I have a dream so important that I ache for it.  I’ve cried about it and I know it’s slightly ridiculous but it’s slightly far-fetched and may never happen.  It would be THE worst thing in my life if it didn’t.  You may think it’s to be published but not being published wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to me.  I can still share my stories without an agent or a book deal.  Having one would be wonderful of course but I can live without it and considering I haven’t written in a year getting published isn’t a very realistic goal at this very moment.

My dream that is bordering on soul crushing is to go to Wales one day.  I am hoping and planning and dreaming that I can be standing in Wales in 1000 days.  I hope to find myself standing in the middle of Roald Dahl Plass and experiencing something magical.

I want my mojo back

27 Oct

So not long ago I attempted to read a book and it didn’t happen.  I normally can read a book a day and this book was still only at the midpoint after 12 days and it sapped the enjoyment for me.  I felt ripped off after being promised, by fans and the writer, an amazing read and I didn’t see it.  I ended up giving up because I couldn’t force myself to read another page.  Since that time I can’t get into much aside from television and I don’t want to be sucked into television all of the time.

Since the time that I stopped reading I’ve also stopped writing and just feel rather down about things in general.  No this isn’t all tied to reading/writing but it’s not happy fun times here lately.

It was suggested that I read a book I love to get my mojo back and so I’ll be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone again and hope that helps.

Beauty – Review

21 Oct


This month’s selection was Beauty by
Robin McKinley.  It’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast that was
written in 1978, an excellent year by the way.  A certain blogger
you’re reading was born then.  The official synopsis reads as



This much-loved retelling of the
classic French tale Beauty and the Beast elicits the
familiar magical charm, but is more believable and complex than the
traditional story. In this version, Beauty is not as beautiful as
her older sisters, who are both lovely and kind. Here, in fact,
Beauty has no confidence in her appearance but takes pride in her
own intelligence, her love of learning and books, and her talent in
riding. She is the most competent of the three sisters, which
proves essential when they are forced to retire to the country
because of their father’s financial ruin.
The plot follows that of the renowned legend: Beauty selflessly
agrees to inhabit the Beast’s castle to spare her father’s life.
Beauty’s gradual acceptance of the Beast and the couple’s deepening
trust and affection are amplified in novel form. Robin McKinley’s
writing has the flavor of another century, and Beauty heightens the
authenticity as a reliable and competent narrator.


I pulled that from amazon.



Now I’m going to sort of ramble on and
hope you keep up and continue reading.  A few years back I began to
read a book that I randomly found on the shelf at the library and it
was a YA vampire book and I love that genre so I thought I’d love it.
I read 2 chapters and it was so incredibly boring that I returned it
having never finished it.  Later someone told me how wonderful it was
and recommended that I give it another shot as it had more books to
the series and it was wonderful.  I gave in and tried again.  I too
fell in love with the book and the series and am now anxiously
awaiting the last one.  That book was Vampire Academy.



Another time I had a similar situation
occur with the first book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries aka the
books that became True Blood.  I just couldn’t get into the first
book but ended up falling in love and find myself anxiously waiting
for the next book, which will be out in May and I’ve been waiting
since May.



Last year a friend recommended that I
read Beauty, even loaning me her battered copy of this much-loved
book.  I started it and ended up stopping after a couple of chapters.
I returned the book and told her that I just couldn’t get into the
book.  So when the book club chose this as the title for the month of
October I was hoping for another case of ‘second times the charm.’
Alas that was not the case this time and I found I couldn’t finish a
single chapter.  4 pages of her explaining the unfairness of the
nickname she bestowed upon herself and incredibly low self-esteem.  I
just couldn’t get beyond that.  I read emails from my other book club
ladies, who I adore, telling me that the book got better and I’m sure
that it did.  I just haven’t had a lot of luck lately with books.
There was a book that I wanted to read more than anything.  I waited
and waited for it to come out and when it finally did I got my hands
on it and started reading and it was awful to me.  I pushed through
because I loved everything else written by this author.  12 days in
and only halfway done with a book that normally would have taken less
than a day to read and I quit.  I’ve had trouble with books since


internet issues

12 Oct

Lately I’ve been having internet issues which is why I haven’t been posting.  No app for my phone to post with on here but I can still tweet and facebook.  It should be fixed tomorrow night when my friend comes over to fix my router issues.