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In the beginning

31 Aug

I have this wonderful book idea that I think could be the one.  I have pages and pages of notes and a great general idea of where it should go.  I have character names and descriptions and family trees.  Not at all my usual style by the way.

One thing I do not have is the beginning.  I have a list of ideas for how to start it, 7 ideas.  None of these actually seem to fit how I want to start.  I had been working with someone to bounce ideas but she’s mostly never around so I don’t rely on her when she only answers emails once a week or so.  I need to find a good crit partner I know but it’s hard and hasn’t worked so far.  What do you do when you can’t find your stride with writing?

Another thing I’m struggling with is the name I’ve chosen for the main character.  I’ve been seeing it everywhere in YA books and there is even a television show of the same name at the moment.  Do I change it or do I keep with it?


A beautiful day

27 Aug

Today is a beautiful day.  Blue skies, cool breeze, spring temps.  A day like today would be wonderful for laying in a hammock and reading a book.  Instead I’m sitting inside with headphones on and working.  I have all the windows open and the cats can’t decide which one they want to look out of most.  They followed me room to room as I opened them and then came back to sit in the first one I opened.

I wanted to write today about my current WIP or discuss some great books I’ve read.  I thought maybe I could write about my fibromyalgia and how I appear to be in a flare.  I could write about how long it takes my doctor to return phone calls or how I’ve gone in 3 times for one specific thing and she keeps pushing it off until the next time.  I would write about my job and tell you some of the funnies there but then I could be sued since it’s a privacy violation.  Instead of all of those ideas I instead want to track down this cricket that I keep hearing and give it a stern lecture or let my kitty play with it or set it free.

True Love and movies

26 Aug

Have you ever seen the movie Empire Records?  This is one of my all time favorite movies.  Bitchin’ music, great young cast before and a place I wished I could be too.  I’ve always loved music and if only the place were real I’d have been right there, probably hitting on Lucas because Rory is fine as hell.

One of my favorite scenes is when AJ is on the roof and Corey flies out there having thrown herself at Rex Manning and she’s upset and he chooses that moment to tell her he loves her.  Only he’s kind of a bumbling idjit so he tells her a story about a day she wore a skirt he hated and tells her that he knows that since he could love her in that skirt he knows that his love must be true.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.  I have a deep love for David Tennant, Scottish actor and the 10th Doctor.  If you don’t know what this means just google it….are you done?  Isn’t he adorable?  Well I had my own AJ moment today thanks to a link posted by a twitter user, @KimberlyRPauley .  This link was to a website with pictures of poorly dressed people.  One of those pictures was my own true love, David.

If I can love him in this I can love him no matter what! He is why most men I write as romantic leads are Scottish.

I must confess!

25 Aug

I have no idea what my blog should be about today.  I have a list of 20 blog topics to pull from when this happens but none of them appeal to me.  So instead I’m going to be a complete pantser when it comes to today’s blog.

I really need to stop researching and start writing.  Why do I need to know the going rate for a 3 bedroom house in San Francisco?  It’s not like the father in my book, Jake, is going to be buying or selling or renting a house.  He already owns one and a business.  I think sometimes I take my research too far because I’m scared to start writing it.  What if I can’t finish this one too?  I’ve spent so much time thinking about it and living in the head of my character that I think it would break my heart if this weren’t the one I finish.  I’m doomed to fail if I think in those terms too.

I wrote a story about a girl named Lucy and when I walked away from that I was okay because the story I was trying to tell was dark and painful for me.  I just needed to start writing something and letting go was okay.

Next up was a story about Alice and while I felt really positively about it the story was just moving too slowly and one day I may try  to iron it out and make it work but if I don’t I’ll be okay.

Next was a chick lit story about a woman named Cadence and I stopped writing that when my grandfather became ill and eventually passed.  Whenever I’ve tried to return to writing that I just begin to think of my grandfather and can’t get past the grief.  I hope one day I can write it as a wonderful reminder to myself of the kind of man he was.

I’ve made notes on a couple of others since then, including submitting a short story to a contest that I was told I placed high in but it was won by published authors which I honestly don’t find to be fair.  The short was about faeries and the other is a vampire idea that I may flesh out during NaNoWriMo.

Currently I’ve been researching/making notes on a story about a young psychic who finally meets her mother and is learning to control her visions.   This is a YA story…well I won’t give away too much so if it’s the one you can just buy it one day 🙂

Making friends online

24 Aug

Since I got my first computer I’ve been making online friends.  It’s a lot nicer making online friends with the use of twitter and facebook I have to say.  I’ve made some friends, reconnected with old ones and met some people I know will be in my life for a very long time.  Some are just a state away and other’s are on the other side of the world.  Some I’ve met and others I never will.

I feel very blessed to have these people in my lives.  I had a friend I met via IRC, and later in person, over a dozen years ago and we had a falling out and that was my fault.  After many years I reached out to her to repair that friendship and while we’ll never be close like we used to be I’m still lucky to count her among my friends today.

Lately I’ve met a group of women in a book club that started via twitter.  I was the late comer to the group and they all welcomed me with open arms and have made me feel so welcome.  I’m glad to count this group of women among my new friends.  Technology is so amazing.

With the internet you can find friends, old and new, repair past mistakes, find love and learn about anywhere in the world you might want to go.  And if you having a falling out you can just mark yourself invisible to them and pretend you aren’t there anymore. 😉


19 Aug

To those who might be coming to my page for my book review of Hunger Games:

I only joined the group on Tuesday and so I joined too late to join in the August fun but will be posting my review in September of the new book.  You won’t pry the title out of me so don’t even try!

What a relaxing day!

19 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a day off of work just to relax and do absolutely nothing.  I had visions of spending the day in bed or reading and catching up on the DVR.  Instead I chose to spend the day out and about with my friend Molly.  I did sleep in until 9 and got a few small house chores out of the way before we went but what a nice day it’s been.

We started our day by heading to Cincinnati to hit a tea house shared some Vanilla Creme black tea which was delicious.  After 2 pots of it though we were a bit hungry and since my companion is gluten intolerant we moved on.

Lunch was at a vegan restaurant,  Neither of us are vegan but it increased her ability to be able to have some good food.  We each had a summer roll and she had a vegan sloppy joe and I had the house salad and a tropical smoothie which was delicious.  The salad was really big for the price and it was good.

Next stop was a local mall where we hit up Godiva for my free truffle of the month.  I went with a pistachio truffle and it was smooth and creamy and delicious.  We stopped by a kiosk where I got an iced chai and she got some other cold coffee drink which I’m not sure of.  We wandered some stores and got hit up to try out some sort of hand buffer stuff but passed on purchasing the $59 kit.

The only downside to the day was when we stopped at a tea store in the mall in my unending quest to find Irish Breakfast tea in the loose leaf form.  The gentleman, who I assume is the manager, basically told me that I could find BETTER teas because Irish is just a blend from several estates.  He left me feeling as if I’d been insulted for my horrible tea choices.  Pardon me but it’s what I like, my favorite blend.  Needless to say I will not be going back there and I will be complaining to them because of how horribly the man behaved toward me.  Insulting a customer will not keep them coming back.

After that we made brief stops at Trader Joe’s and our public library where I had a lot of items holding for me and then we came home.

I wish we’d gone to see Vampires Suck too but no time to do so. 😦

Books versus movies

18 Aug

I don’t think you can really write a book these days without at least considering the possibility that it could be optioned for a film, especially if you write in the YA genre.  It seems everywhere you look these days you see authors sharing their dream casts for a film version of their books.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t doing the same thing as I sit down to write my own book.

I am, however, a person who typically despises movie adaptations of books.  I cringe every single time I’ve watched Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, which is my favorite of the Harry Potter series.  Don’t get me started on the fiasco that is the Twilight series.

Entire plots being left out, major characters ignored, poor casting.  All of that can be proven just with the Harry Potter series alone.  Condensing multiple books into a single movie is another problem, such as Lemony Snicket.

So while I dream cast the blockbuster motion picture that will undoubtedly come as a result of my best selling YA paranormal series  I would have to think long and hard about actually letting them make it.

Book Club

17 Aug

This morning I joined a book club on twitter.  I have yet to even find out what the book this month is but doubt that I’ll find out with enough time to read the book since the review is due in 2 days.  I’m really excited about it though as it’s with fellow writers, pubbed and not.  I also am a very avid reader and you can check a list of the books I’ve read under the heading 150 books at the top of the page.  I should start posting reviews here on occasion and so joining a book club would be ideal for that.  So watch out readers…sooner or later the reviews will be showing up.

Emotional writing

16 Aug

If you’ve read my previous post you’re aware that my family has been through a very emotional weekend.  Things are okay now, still not 100% but time will tell.  Good news did arrive in the form of a cousin who is expecting a new baby with his wife.

The sadness and misery of this weekend did not, surprisingly, inspire me to write.  The story I write isn’t a happy one necessarily but it shouldn’t be written when you feel at any moment you could burst into tears.  I cannot berate myself though for not reaching a writing goal as my 1 year old cousin lays in a hospital bed while we are unsure of what is wrong with him.  A pediatric doctor from the local Children’s Hospital is now driving from Cincinnati to Lexington to check on him and see what service he can offer.  I don’t think he’s stable enough for transfer as he has a temp of 105 this morning.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.