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I have a job and it sure ain’t writing.

28 Jul

I have a day job.  I despise said day job and have since I lost my previous position.  I liked the company and most aspects of the job until the incident which led to my termination, which I still feel was unfair and not even remotely my problem but theirs instead.  So I guess I stopped liking that job when they stopped listening to me at all.  I am what I like to call an ‘idiot doctor fixer upper’ aka medical transcriptionist.  None of this is really relevant to what I’m saying except to say that I work full-time at home on a computer.  My hands are a wreck and I’m fairly young.  I have an issue with the ulnar nerve on my right hand and I’m fairly sure I’m developing carpal tunnel.  Yet I still want to push through the pain my hands feel and be a writer.

Why would I do this to myself?  I ask that often and the answer is simple.  I love that I can create an entire world in my head and put it to page.  I may never be published and may never finish a book but I will never stop.  Books have been a form of escapism for my entire life and I feel like writing is my way of helping some other girl do the same.  So I stretch my fingers and try to work the pain out, dose up on Ibuprofen a couple of times a week, ice it when needed but I’ll never stop.


Procrastinators Unite eventually!

23 Jul

All day long I’ve thought about writing this blog and then I procrastinated about writing it.  The topic is, of course, procrastination!  I am an expert at it.

I’ve worked at home for 6 years now.  I am a medical transcriptionist as my day job.  I’m no longer satisfied with it but what can I do until I finally finish and sell a novel I’m kind of stuck with it.  Working at home is not a good place for a procrastinator to work.  I’ll work on a file and then bargain that I should take a break and watch a little bit of television or read for a few minutes and then it’ll turn from 15 minutes into an hour and then I’ll have to fight myself to get back to what it is that I really need to be doing.

I procrastinate about cleaning.  I’ll procrastinate with facebook or twitter or reading a book or writing a book.  I procrastinate about writing by watching television or cleaning or reading or any of a number of things.

Why do I do these things?  When I get focused I’m fine.  I can exceed goals for work.  I can clear my DVR or DVD queue any time.  I could procrastinate professionally if such a profession were available.  I guess the bosses just haven’t gotten around to forming a union yet.

So the point of this is that I have no idea how to get around this.  I have the ideas but apparently not the motivation/mojo.  I guess I need to work on that.

This morning a friend and I discussed the idea of starting a writing club so we’re going to try to meet up this weekend to work out some details.  I am also planning to do NaNo this year since last year I didn’t get to.

How do you push through and avoid procrastination?

I’m a what? What the @#$% is a pantser?

21 Jul

I have considered myself a writer for a few years now but am just now learning the lingo. To be honest in the last few years I haven’t finished anything but I’ve started several well thought out ideas. I used to be scared by that and worried that it meant that I would never finish anything. A fellow writer, a woman who has over a dozen published, and therefore finished, books, told me that it took her over 2 years to finish her first book. That made me feel better about where I was in my own writing. I still didn’t feel like a real writer though. I’d only shared my drafts with family and friends, all of whom raved about what I’d written. It’s not that I don’t trust them but I know they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

Last week I found a writer on twitter and through her I found a crit partner matching group. A crit partner, known from here out as a CP, is another writer who you share your writing with and basically pick their writing apart in the kindest way possible and offer them feedback and they do the same for you. I shared a writing sample, a chick lit story I shoved to the side when my grandfather was sick and ultimately passed away. I felt like I was preparing for a first date waiting to hear back. I was checking my email every 15 minutes when I wasn’t at my computer. I was worried that whatever the feedback was it would prove that my family and friends were evil little liars who just wanted to keep from hurting my feelings. It wasn’t at all. She gave me some very great ideas to look into when I do eventually return to that story. I’ve now sent to another potential CP to see if we make a good fit as well. I’d love to have 2 different views on it when I get finished.

I also learned that I am a pantser and not a plotter. A plotter is someone who outlines and plans and knows EXACTLY where the story will go when they sit down to write. I have attempted to do this type of writing, even filling out an interview with my character. That made her seem dull and boring and not like the exciting girl I was getting to know every time I sat down to write and so I tossed out the interview, gave her a new name and started from scratch. Sometimes I would sit down to write and when I’d read back through I would realize I didn’t really intend for it to move that way but it made more sense than what I had sat down planning to write. That all makes me a pantser, someone who writes by the seat of their pants btw and not any of those horrible definitions from Urban Dictionary.