I have never really been a big fan of “About” pages. I’m not good at talking about myself so I’ll just fill in some random facts about myself.

Favorite Color: pink, almost any form of the color to be honest.
Favorite Drink: Tea, Irish Breakfast tea.
Favorite Breakfast food: Bacon and hash browns.
Favorite lunch food: salad.
Favorite dinner food: green beans with potatoes and ham.
Cell phone: Palm Pixi (wish it were a blackberry)
Dream home: A small cottage in the woods in the middle of nowhere in the UK with a gypsy vardo in the back that I use as an office.
Dream car: Either an American muscle car, preferably an Impala or a Mustang, or a mini Cooper (yes I am deranged).
Favorite book: I’ll be honest here and admit that I don’t really have a favorite book or favorite author these days. I love to read so much that it changes constantly. I definitely have some authors who I will read almost anything that they write. The first to come to mind is Charlaine Harris.
Favorite band: Beastie Boys. I’ve been a fan since the age of 6 and that’s been unchanged for 25 years.
Favorite group: Westlife, an Irish boyband. yes I like a boyband but you take a look at Nicky and Mark and tell me they aren’t absolutely gorgeous.
Favorite Song: Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.
Weird things I collect: Notebooks.
Favorite place to be: A library.
Dream vacation: I’d love to take a month and spend it in the UK. I don’t want to just hang out in London and would probably only spend a couple of days there before heading to Cardiff, Wales and then Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow and maybe spend a couple of days in Italy and Greece. Another place I’d love to go is New Zealand but not Australia.
Dream job: Published author.


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