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10 Jan

I really need to remember that I want to write daily instead of sometimes.



3 Jan

I guess it’s time for me to start over.  I even have a list of the things I need to start over with.

  1. New job – I need one.
  2. Weight loss – I need to do this.
  3. Blogging – I need to post.
  4. Writing – I need to do it.
  5. Cleaning – I’ll throw this one in there because my sink is full and my bed is unmade.


I’m behind but it’s time to get busy.  I’ve been tracking my food for a few days and in a bit I’m going to work out.  My laptop is down temporarily so I can’t write yet but I will soon.


I promise I’ll post more soon.  I need to get that bed made and those dishes done and get walking away those pounds before I decide it’s a better idea to climb in bed and stay there until spring.