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3 Jan

I guess it’s time for me to start over.  I even have a list of the things I need to start over with.

  1. New job – I need one.
  2. Weight loss – I need to do this.
  3. Blogging – I need to post.
  4. Writing – I need to do it.
  5. Cleaning – I’ll throw this one in there because my sink is full and my bed is unmade.


I’m behind but it’s time to get busy.  I’ve been tracking my food for a few days and in a bit I’m going to work out.  My laptop is down temporarily so I can’t write yet but I will soon.


I promise I’ll post more soon.  I need to get that bed made and those dishes done and get walking away those pounds before I decide it’s a better idea to climb in bed and stay there until spring.


My writing process

9 Aug

The normal writing process for me includes sitting at my desk and fooling around on facebook or youtube and then I’ll get this idea so I’ll open up my word processing program and start writing whatever comes to mind.  I’ll then start making notes about what I want, not really plotting but just writing down a list of ideas and names I’d love to use in this story.  I’ll add the notebook or paper into my laptop bag to access easily when I am working on this particular story.  Needless to say I have about half a dozen notebooks in there at this point.

Currently I’m working on something that I think just might be a winner.  The process on this one is a bit more detailed than any other.  It’s a YA paranormal and I originally wanted to go with her being a witch and then I changed my mind.  I’ve decided to write down 10 ideas with enough space to elaborate on those ideas and work out family trees.  This story will include family history from several generations ago so this part will be especially important in the event that this could become a 2 or 3 part story.  I think this may be a great idea for any future stories as well, maybe not the family tree but definitely the 10 ideas.

Perhaps I should come up with 20 blog ideas as well.   Any suggestions?