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1000 days

29 Dec

If you count today as day 1 and my 35th birthday as the end you come up with 1000 days.

I have a dream so important that I ache for it.  I’ve cried about it and I know it’s slightly ridiculous but it’s slightly far-fetched and may never happen.  It would be THE worst thing in my life if it didn’t.  You may think it’s to be published but not being published wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to me.  I can still share my stories without an agent or a book deal.  Having one would be wonderful of course but I can live without it and considering I haven’t written in a year getting published isn’t a very realistic goal at this very moment.

My dream that is bordering on soul crushing is to go to Wales one day.  I am hoping and planning and dreaming that I can be standing in Wales in 1000 days.  I hope to find myself standing in the middle of Roald Dahl Plass and experiencing something magical.