October’s book club choice

1 Oct

This months book is “Beauty” by Robin McKinley.  It’s a retelling of the Beauty & The Beast tale.  The following is copied from her own website:

Beauty has never liked her nickname. She is thin and awkward; it is her two sisters who are beautiful. But what she lacks in looks she can perhaps make up for in courage.
When her father comes home with the tale of an enchanted castle in the forest and the terrible promise he had to make to the Beast who lives there, Beauty declares she must go to the castle, a prisoner of her own free will.

I’m going to be honest here and admit that I’ve previously attempted to read this book and failed miserably.   I’ve had this same thing happen with books I later fell in love with so I’m willing to try again.  If anyone would like to participate blogs are due up on October 21.  Please feel free to join us.

QOTD:  What books have you started to read, abandoned and later fell in love with?  A couple for me are Vampire Academy and Dead until Dark.


One Response to “October’s book club choice”

  1. Kelly B October 6, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    This has never happened to me. If I start something, I have to read it through to the end, but if I don’t like I never pick it up again. Now you have me thinking. Maybe I should go back and try to reread one of them. I will let you know.

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