I must confess!

25 Aug

I have no idea what my blog should be about today.  I have a list of 20 blog topics to pull from when this happens but none of them appeal to me.  So instead I’m going to be a complete pantser when it comes to today’s blog.

I really need to stop researching and start writing.  Why do I need to know the going rate for a 3 bedroom house in San Francisco?  It’s not like the father in my book, Jake, is going to be buying or selling or renting a house.  He already owns one and a business.  I think sometimes I take my research too far because I’m scared to start writing it.  What if I can’t finish this one too?  I’ve spent so much time thinking about it and living in the head of my character that I think it would break my heart if this weren’t the one I finish.  I’m doomed to fail if I think in those terms too.

I wrote a story about a girl named Lucy and when I walked away from that I was okay because the story I was trying to tell was dark and painful for me.  I just needed to start writing something and letting go was okay.

Next up was a story about Alice and while I felt really positively about it the story was just moving too slowly and one day I may try  to iron it out and make it work but if I don’t I’ll be okay.

Next was a chick lit story about a woman named Cadence and I stopped writing that when my grandfather became ill and eventually passed.  Whenever I’ve tried to return to writing that I just begin to think of my grandfather and can’t get past the grief.  I hope one day I can write it as a wonderful reminder to myself of the kind of man he was.

I’ve made notes on a couple of others since then, including submitting a short story to a contest that I was told I placed high in but it was won by published authors which I honestly don’t find to be fair.  The short was about faeries and the other is a vampire idea that I may flesh out during NaNoWriMo.

Currently I’ve been researching/making notes on a story about a young psychic who finally meets her mother and is learning to control her visions.   This is a YA story…well I won’t give away too much so if it’s the one you can just buy it one day 🙂


One Response to “I must confess!”

  1. Kelly B August 25, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Good luck with picking it back up. For me writing is a true joy. I like getting in and picking apart my characters. Figuring out what makes them deeper, more real. When I run into that wall, and believe me when I say I do, I just free write.

    Open a document and write about whatever gets your fancy. Anything that comes to mind. If you are upset about your gramps, write about that. Journaling was also a big help for me. Even though I write a blog, I also keep a journal because even if I am writing about nothing at all, I am still writing.

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