What a relaxing day!

19 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a day off of work just to relax and do absolutely nothing.  I had visions of spending the day in bed or reading and catching up on the DVR.  Instead I chose to spend the day out and about with my friend Molly.  I did sleep in until 9 and got a few small house chores out of the way before we went but what a nice day it’s been.

We started our day by heading to Cincinnati to hit a tea house http://www.essencha.com/and shared some Vanilla Creme black tea which was delicious.  After 2 pots of it though we were a bit hungry and since my companion is gluten intolerant we moved on.

Lunch was at a vegan restaurant,  http://www.thelovingcafe.com/.  Neither of us are vegan but it increased her ability to be able to have some good food.  We each had a summer roll and she had a vegan sloppy joe and I had the house salad and a tropical smoothie which was delicious.  The salad was really big for the price and it was good.

Next stop was a local mall where we hit up Godiva for my free truffle of the month.  I went with a pistachio truffle and it was smooth and creamy and delicious.  We stopped by a kiosk where I got an iced chai and she got some other cold coffee drink which I’m not sure of.  We wandered some stores and got hit up to try out some sort of hand buffer stuff but passed on purchasing the $59 kit.

The only downside to the day was when we stopped at a tea store in the mall in my unending quest to find Irish Breakfast tea in the loose leaf form.  The gentleman, who I assume is the manager, basically told me that I could find BETTER teas because Irish is just a blend from several estates.  He left me feeling as if I’d been insulted for my horrible tea choices.  Pardon me but it’s what I like, my favorite blend.  Needless to say I will not be going back there and I will be complaining to them because of how horribly the man behaved toward me.  Insulting a customer will not keep them coming back.

After that we made brief stops at Trader Joe’s and our public library where I had a lot of items holding for me and then we came home.

I wish we’d gone to see Vampires Suck too but no time to do so. 😦


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