Books versus movies

18 Aug

I don’t think you can really write a book these days without at least considering the possibility that it could be optioned for a film, especially if you write in the YA genre.  It seems everywhere you look these days you see authors sharing their dream casts for a film version of their books.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t doing the same thing as I sit down to write my own book.

I am, however, a person who typically despises movie adaptations of books.  I cringe every single time I’ve watched Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, which is my favorite of the Harry Potter series.  Don’t get me started on the fiasco that is the Twilight series.

Entire plots being left out, major characters ignored, poor casting.  All of that can be proven just with the Harry Potter series alone.  Condensing multiple books into a single movie is another problem, such as Lemony Snicket.

So while I dream cast the blockbuster motion picture that will undoubtedly come as a result of my best selling YA paranormal series  I would have to think long and hard about actually letting them make it.


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