my reason for being AWOL Friday

15 Aug

Friday was a tough roller coaster day for me emotionally and then it got worse.  I don’t quite know why I felt so up and down but I did and just as I started to feel better the bad news began to roll in.  A very close relative received news that her mammogram was abnormal and she would be needing a breast ultrasound this coming week, which I will be attending with her.

Then a cousin’s 1 year old son was rushed to a hospital approximately 1.5-2 hours from home to undergo testing because it’s believed that he has leukemia.  After a battery of tests they said it seemed pretty certain that it was indeed leukemia and they would next do a bone marrow test.  After that they announced YES he had leukemia and he would start undergoing chemo immediately.  Now they are not so sure.  I’m hopeful it’s not leukemia obviously but why keep jerking the family around with all of this.

Then, to lighten to mood, how about I tell you the story of the 102 pound 13 year old colliding with a 275 pound 29 year old while playing softball and how it resulted in broken ribs for the 29 year old?  Oh wait that basically told it for me.


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