I’m having one of those days

12 Aug

Today is a day where I’d rather be sleeping, watching television, losing myself in a mindless world that isn’t my own, real or created on paper.  I don’t think I’ve been sleeping so well lately and have overslept almost every day this week, well beyond the time I had intended to get up.  I think I’m just worn out and am intended to be in bed by midnight tonight.

I woke up this morning at 7 and then I thought of an amazing topic for today’s blog.  Instead of getting up and writing it down I thought to myself that I was incredibly brilliant and went back to sleep.  When I sat down to write that fantastic blog, the best you’ll ever read, I realized I didn’t remember what that topic was any longer.

Work beckons and I procrastinate.  My neighbor showed up not long ago asking if I could drive him to a neighboring town to pick up a rental car.  I’m procrastinating about work so sure I’ll do that.  He’s a nice guy and it was a fun conversation so it totally made it worth it to go.  Everyone should have a middle aged hillbilly for a neighbor.

Oh look my kitty is sitting in front of me blocking the view of my monitor and the other one is sleeping on the back of my chair.  Maybe I’ll play with them instead of starting this report.  Oh the ways I can procrastinate while working at home in my pjs.


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