10 Aug

I’ve been having trouble staying on task lately.  Things in my life are so hectic that I’ve had no time to keep the house in order and cook dinner.  Obviously writing has fallen low on the list of priorities.  I’ve asked my boss for a change in my hours because of this.  I do work at home but still struggle to stay on top of it all when I often end up working 9-10 hours a day on top of the various other things that have to be done before housework or relaxing or writing.

On Sunday I stopped at Walgreen’s and bought a couple of small notebooks and decided I’d set 5 small weekly goals, related to writing and the house and my weight issues, 5 smaller daily issues, anything from cleaning out a cabinet to getting up earlier, and then on weekends just 6 goals in total for the weekend.  This morning I failed on the getting up early goal.  I had intended to use the extra time to go for a walk and even laid out something to wear so I could get out the door quickly.  Instead I overslept and was late to start the job I work at in my dining room!!!

Another goal is my reading goal and I admit that has suffered of late as well but I’m still ahead of where I really need to be at this point.  I have read 86 out of 150 and am working on #87, which is actually 3 books in one.  I still have 5.5 months left to finish 64 books, which is no problem at all for me.


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