My most valuable writing tool is

6 Aug

Twitter.  I don’t know about any of you but I’ve learned some incredibly valuable lessons via twitter.

Today’s post is a rather last minute post thrown together while working and running around holding doors so that things can be drilled onto them.  It was well thought out in the car but sitting down to write it has left me short on the ideas.

However, I’ve learned that you don’t just write a first draft and send it to publishers.  I’ve learned that agents aren’t always necessary but I don’t think I’d tread into it without one, hopefully I find THE ONE!  I’ve learned you need a presence on the web before you even become published.  I’ve learned what a query is but still haven’t finished anything to write one and am quite scared about that part.  I’ve learned various places to write, music to write to and that sometimes you don’t even need a desk or a laptop.  I’ve learned from a best seller that sometimes things you have no interest in can become an idea that takes hold and won’t let go.  Twitter is my favorite writing tool, besides my laptop, Ginger McTavish.


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