Plans go astray

4 Aug

Yesterday I was planning to dedicate today to a Wordless Wednesday post with 3 photographs that I found particularly inspiring.  I made a trip to the library and while waiting at a red light to leave I took stock of my surroundings and I am so glad I did.

This particular light is on a busy road, 2 lanes each direction, a center lane for turning, 5 lanes in total..  I was on a smaller road which really is only on the side of the street I was and across the street is a big Catholic church/school.  While I was observing I noticed an elderly man and woman attempting to cross the street from the church so I wondered where they could possibly be going that would require them to park across the road.  So I took note of what they could be walking toward at this particular intersection.  To my right was a Bob Evans and to my left were an architecture firm and a funeral home.

The stories began weaving themselves in my head.  This elderly brother and sister heading to the funeral home to plan the funeral of their beloved sibling.  The elderly couple off to finalize plans for their dream home.  The lonely widow and widower off to an early dinner on their first date and at their age!

That’s when it all struck me…I may never be published and I may never see my name at the time of the best seller’s list, I may only ever impress my mother and my friends but I sure as hell am a writer!


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