I think I’m a little frazzled

3 Aug

Today is peaceful and quiet here.  The only sounds I hear are the hum of my computer and the settling of a shoe box with my 9 pound torbie cat adjusting herself on top of.  I wonder if I shouldn’t go hunt down my Maine Coon mix to make sure that boy isn’t causing trouble…he’s far too quiet.

Days like today could best be spent catching up on the housework, finishing laundry, scrubbing the tub.  Instead I have to work but since I work at home I’ll take a break every now and then to do a 15 minute clean up around the house.  It is not a very exciting life I lead but today is an exception with the calmness and slight sanity.

Yesterday was probably the most hectic day I’ve had in weeks and nearly every minute of the day was filled with something that HAD to be done.  I still managed to flub my schedule and had to scramble to get somewhere on time and made it at the last minute, literally.

All of this leads to my belief that when my life is smooth and simple and goes according to my somewhat OCD plan I feel I am better able to write.  When my house is clean and my big butt starts shrinking a little and I feel good I will write more.

School is back in session in town as of this morning.  Time to get myself back on track after a crazy summer.


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