I have a job and it sure ain’t writing.

28 Jul

I have a day job.  I despise said day job and have since I lost my previous position.  I liked the company and most aspects of the job until the incident which led to my termination, which I still feel was unfair and not even remotely my problem but theirs instead.  So I guess I stopped liking that job when they stopped listening to me at all.  I am what I like to call an ‘idiot doctor fixer upper’ aka medical transcriptionist.  None of this is really relevant to what I’m saying except to say that I work full-time at home on a computer.  My hands are a wreck and I’m fairly young.  I have an issue with the ulnar nerve on my right hand and I’m fairly sure I’m developing carpal tunnel.  Yet I still want to push through the pain my hands feel and be a writer.

Why would I do this to myself?  I ask that often and the answer is simple.  I love that I can create an entire world in my head and put it to page.  I may never be published and may never finish a book but I will never stop.  Books have been a form of escapism for my entire life and I feel like writing is my way of helping some other girl do the same.  So I stretch my fingers and try to work the pain out, dose up on Ibuprofen a couple of times a week, ice it when needed but I’ll never stop.


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